Thursday, March 22, 2012

How to Save and Viewing your HTML file

Saving an HTML Document

After creating your codes, you can save your HTML document so that you can view or work on it later.

1. On the Menu Bar, click File and click Save or Save As.
2. On the Save As dialog box, type your file name in the File name box.
3. When saving, always change the file and type to All Files and use .html or .htm file extension.
4. Click Save.

Viewing an HTML Page

You can now view your HTML document on your web browser.

1. Launch any Web browser.
2. On the Menu Bar, click File and click Open File.
3. On the Open dialog box, click browse.
4. Look for the folder or drive where HTML file was saved and click the file.
5. Click Open and on the Open dialog box click OK.


  1. Thanks for this tutorial. It's comprehensive.

    1. Welcome.Thank you for visiting my site

  2. Thanks for the help! Yey! I dunno much about doing HTML, dagdag knowledge to! :)

    Noks Sosa I

  3. nicely done, very detailed and helpful... can you help me on how to make my blog dofollow? hoping for a positive response. Yahweh bless.


  4. hmmn I leave this to expert not good in web

  5. Not very techy either so this is quite a treat. Thanks.

  6. Good tutorial ... easy to understand.

  7. thanks for sharing this. I bookmarked your blog. I really want to know more about HTML and coding. thanks again.

  8. im not really good when it comes to html but thank you for letting me understand the basic

  9. Owwww.. simplified. very helpful for a person like who loves to tweak my blog :)

  10. thanks for the tip.. i will take note of this..

  11. I do this normally to save plane tickets..
    I don't like copy pasting it, much easier to save the page and just have it printed when ready.

    Dunno how I really learned about it, it had always been there..
    But I realized recently that not many people do this

  12. thanks for tips. this would surely help as i barely know anything about html

    RC Gweniful

  13. I don't know how to apply this to me but thanks I;ll keep in mind nalang

  14. I admit I don't know much about HTML except just enough to be able to tweak my blog. But even that takes a lot of Googling and researching. Kung hindi lang ako medyo OC sa blog design ko, hindi ko talaga pagtatyaga-an i-tweak ang blog ko.