Friday, April 27, 2012

Creating Table in HTML

Tables arrange and organize content into columns and rows. Basically, they can be made via the container tags <table></table>. Each row within the table is defined by the container tags <tr></tr>. Moreover, each cell or data within a row is defined by the container tags <td></td>.

Remember that the cells <td></td> are placed inside the rows <tr></tr> and rows are placed inside the table

<title>Computer Books</title>
<caption>IT Learning</caption>
           <tr bgcolor="#ff0000">
                   <th align="center" width="200px">BOOKS</th>
                    <th align="center" width="200px">SOFTWARE</th>
                    <th align="center" width="200px">HARDWARE</th>
                   <th align="center" >Creative Design</th>
                    <th align="center" >Adobe</th>
                    <th align="center" >Asus Notebook</th>

                   <th align="center" >Office Productivity</th>
                    <th align="center" >Microsoft</th>
                    <th align="center" >inFocus Projector</th>


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