Monday, March 12, 2012

Why do we use PHP?

1. Te focus on this question is really why PHP  and why not other scripting program. Why use PHP instead of another web technology?
2. HTML is static scripting language and has many limitations and PHP can provide it with much more dynamism and flexibility.
3. PHP is free of charge and an open source software. Open source software are available for everyone to use, study, modify and modify and improve just like the zend group did, meaning you can also create and improve PHP on your own freely.
4. PHP can run on the most common server platform such as Window, MAC, Linux and Unix, programs like these are called cross platform software. So you can jump from one machine without being troubled by what kind of operating system you are using.
5. PHP was written from the very start as a web application, therefore it is a focused web development tool.
6. PHP is used by many users around the world and if you have any difficulty with its use there a lot of shared experiences and documentations available for you on the internet.
7. PHP is powerful language that can grow with your application; it is powerful enough to be comparable to paid scripting programs.
8. PHP have advanced programming features that are available in other major programming languages such as C, Java, C++ and others, such as object oriented feature.
9. PHP has been used to develop other tools such as Wordpress, Joomla, etc that are vailable and use for free for your web applications and web site creation.

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