Sunday, April 15, 2012

Specifying the Background Image of a Page

You can specify the background image of the page by using the background Attribute inside the body tag
<body background="value">...</body>. However when using an image as a background of a web page you must keep in mind not to make your background image stronger than your web page or it will be hard to read the text of your Web page. You can also add a background color that matches the color of the image.

In choosing a background image, you should remember the following:

 1. Use an image that will not distract the text and main content of the page.
 2. Do not use large image file because it will take a long time to load your page.
 3. The background should not show boundaries and grids when tiled.

                 <body background="image.png">
                  <font face='tahoma' size='7'> BUTTERFLY </font>


  1. I did not know anything about html or any technical aspect of blogging but thank you for sharing this. Hopefully i get to use this one of these days

  2. This tip comes in handy for sponsorship. Thanks for sharing :)